Because British Wool is Great

Great British Wool.

June! Halfway through our year-long celebration of our first decade as a yarn shop!

And have we got news for you! A brand new lace yarn with a very special perle ply. I have found this to be the perfect yarn for those of you who just fell down the rabbit hole called lace knitting. Because of its tighter ply this yarn doesn't split, has a nice grip to it and with 1200 metres per 100 grams it is still quite visible. Also, if you drop a stitch it doesn't run down to the cast-on immediately.

It has a gorgeous stitch definition and I have found that blocking it is a breeze.

The name of this yarn is Perlace, which describes this 100% merino yarn perfectly.

It takes dye beautifully as well. Both in pastels and in deeper colours.

While wondering which shades to make I was inspired by my other passion: British classic cars, so you will find some well-known makes of cars in the shades, as well as some lesser known makes.

If you prefer another colour please let me know, I always love to mix up a custom shade for you!

Try it out, this month with a 10 euro discount (you know why ;-))

Happy knitting!

Great British Wool

Monique Dreef

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